2 weeks ago:


Coming from a high-stress corporate job, I recognize the signals for it is time to take a break. That time has come. After breaking my wrist October last year, I was 6 weeks behind schedule on my quilt workload. I have tried feverously to catch up on that 6 weeks so that I didn’t have to reschedule your quilt for 6 weeks later than the intended time of the booking. I only took off 3 days over Christmas and worked looooong hours. At the end of January I had a health scare in the form of a miss-carriage. I was only 2 weeks pregnant but the physical pain and emotional impact was tremendous. I had to take a couple of day off so I lost all the time that I managed to make up from the wrist episode.


After some consultation with my family I have decided to take a 2 week holiday.


So I’m rescheduling everything, every hour of my day, in order to give you the best possible work quality as well as a timeously delivery. It’s about reaching a balance between work and home that’s tricky. With the help of my darling husband, Chad, we have worked out a daily schedule – quilting, teaching, home. We have also work out approximately how long it takes to produce a quilt. It boils down to approx. 8 hours per square meter. So now I can schedule your work more accurately but also more realistically. This will obviously now affect your current quilt delivery time.

I am still in awe at the incredible response to my quilting, that’s evident in the bookings flowing in. And we are extremely grateful for that! But this is the only way that I would be able to deliver a beautifully quilted, neatly done and finished product that you and I can be proud off!


The schedule is done, I have done some creative projects during my 2 week leave. I have rested and slept and did nothing sometimes. But now I am ready to get back into the swing of things. Only this time, more controlled and balanced. This is my mission for 2013.

What’s yours?

Happy Quilting!


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