As this holy weekend reaches its climax with it being Easter Sunday today, it’s a good time reflect on our lives. What matters? What really matters in this life? 

God gave the life of his only Son so that we can be saved. Saved from eternal death. The courage, pain and amount of love that must have taken is above our understanding as humans and what can we do in return? Hope, Faith and Love! in God through Jesus with the help of the Holy Ghost. 

As a family we usually get together every year for the Easter Weekend. Most of the time we go camping in the beautiful South African bush veld and we love it (except maybe my husband…he is such a home body). It’s such a change of routine and a change of scenery, from stepping out of your “room” and directly into nature, to “braai” and cook outdoors, meeting a family member on your way to the bathroom when you’re still in the pj’s with hair standing wild and puffy eyes…It’s back to the basics. But it’s also about being considered, respectful, courteous, compassionate, even more so than being at home where it is just the 3 of us in our little space. Now we are 7 people needing to share the same bathroom and kitchen…

Even thought this post has nothing much to do with quilting, I would like to leave you with this thought:

Happy Quilting!

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  • Elsa Toerien

    Oh Telene, this is so true!




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