This year has been a tuff one, to say the least. I have struggled to get to updating the blog regularly, which is the understatement of the year since my last post was just before we moved house in March!

So we have moved into the new house and my son has adjusted well to the new school. The move did not go without it’s problems but that is in the past. In the meantime life has handed us some more lemons so we made some lemonade. We have open our own quilt shop at home and it has been a great success thus far! I have also received my local Quilt Guild Teachers’ Accreditation and I have successfully completed the South African Quilt Guild Quilt Teachers Accreditation Course…sjoe, what a mouth full, but I’m officially a quilt teacher.

My big surprise this year was when a long standing client of mine gave, yes GAVE me her Tin Lizzie 18 long arm quilting machine… I’m still quite speechless about it. I love the Lizzie and I have done a couple of custom client quilts on her already.

I’m seriously going to make a big effort to upkeep the blog more regularly. Let’s hope for the best.

So below is a couple of pics of custom client quilts that I have completed this year.



Happy Quilting!

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  • LynCC

    Oh! This was such a fun post to peruse. Your quilting work is beautiful. Tough moves are – well – HARD~! I wish you the best with your new home-based quilt shop. Thank you for sharing these wonderful quilts.


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