I have completed Annarine’s Twin Quilts. They were the last 2 client quilts to have been done in this house. Next up is Anna in the new house! That means I still have to pack my studio for the big move on Friday! I actually got a tear in my eye when I printed little ‘goodbye’ cards for my son’s school this morning. Tomorrow is his last day at Klein Fonteintjies Kleuterskool and then it is on to the next chapter. The new house is only 30km away, in the next town of Krugersdorp, Gauteng. It’s bigger, close to the schools, no traffic, and Granny lives close by as well…

So, back to Annarine’s quilts, I have opted for a more all-over freehand scroll design and straight lines in the centre blocks. It worked and I’m happy. Hope she will be too when she collects tomorrow.

This is number 2 front and back:

And this is the twin quilt number 1:

I’m off to pack the studio. See you on the other side!

Happy Quilting!

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