Well then, it’s Monday again! It is terrifying just to realise that it is almost December! This year has gone by in 4×4 mode, at maximum speed for me. In my mind I’m still at, like July somewhere…

So in the rush towards Christmas, trying to get all my quilt orders out, I’m stuck on this Log Cabin. I started quilting and then unpicked an entire row, just to start again. But the second time around it took me much longer just to get going. I had a bit of a struggle with what to quilt. I find that the plainer the patchwork design, the more difficult it is for me to plan an interesting quilt design on it. So I think I have got it now.

And then just when I was starting to get into it, we received a notice from council that our neighbourhood will be without electricity today. I’m still waiting for it to go off, but until then I’m pushing to get done what I can.

I also have to write a couple of patterns today for my Students in tomorrow’s class. And that is best done before my almost-3-year-old gets home from pre-school…
Happy Quilting!

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