Custom Designed Quilts

A wonderful gift is a memory quilt. It can be with collected t-shirts, your baby's first year clothing or blocks made for each friend to sign. We would love to make your memory quilt for you!

Any other quilt that you would like? A throw for your bed, or a quilt for the couch? We can make it for you!

If you want to make a specific quilt to a specific size but can't find excatly the pattern you like, we can custom design it for you. Send us your specifications and we will design a quilt to fit your needs. That quilt will then be laid out in a document with a requirements list, cutting list per block, instructions per block and final assembly of the quilt.

We can then also make that custom designed quilt for you!


Contact us for more info.


Please visit our gallery to view some our own custom designed quilts.